UFR Presents: A Poet in My Bones: A Conversation with Brian Spears

Brian Spears is the Poetry Editor of The Rumpus, as well as a published poet. He is also an Instructor of English at Florida Atlantic University, where he teaches Creative Writing, Literature, and Composition. His first book, A Witness in Exile, is available from Louisiana Literature Press, and also from his website. *** UF Review: […]

“Imagine” by Ethel Rohan

He’s on a walk, one of those random strolls he sometimes takes where he drives his car in some unplanned direction and on a whim parks. He walks to get outside, to get moving, to get alive. He dreads the evening ahead, the engagement dinner for his son, the having to suffer his ex-wife. He […]

Review: No one belongs here more than you.

The Reviewed: No one belongs here more than you. Stories by Miranda July The Reviewer: Judy Clement Wall *** I bought Miranda July’s short story collection, No one belongs here more than you for its cover. Which is funny because it’s yellow. Just that. Plain yellow, with the title and her name in black. I’d […]