Alabama Card Table: Arts and Literature From the Deep South

Once a month Greg Houser will set up his card table and talk to someone, or to a bunch of folks, who are doing cool things with art and/or writing in the South. He’ll also be taking a look at what it’s like to be a creative type living in the weird and wonderful South.



Episode 1.4: Spring

Spring comes early to Tuscaloosa, AL. When the rain finally stops the temperature goes up and people start going outside. These people are irrationally happy, what with all the pollen in the air and all the sneezing and watery eyes and itching and the goddamn bugs. These people don’t seem to see spring for what it is: the damnable return of the bugs and the allergies and flowers. I tried to find out why these people, writers all of them, were so happy about this awful, awful turn of events. They were too busy hitting things and running around and twirling in hoops and stuff to say too much. I still don’t understand them.

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