Jason Anderson is an American musician and songwriter. Formerly a member of Wolf Colonel, his recent albums include The Hopeful and the UnafraidLife Sucks Love Sucks Dose OutOn the StreetNew EnglandTonightThug Poet and Summer Style. You can find him here and here.

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Chris and Stefanie formed Big Harp in December 2010, and released their debut album, White Hat, in 2011. They will release their sophomore album, Chain Letters, on January 22 via Saddle Creek. More at

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Kristin Hersh is a solo artist, as well as lead singer and guitarist for Throwing Muses and 50FOOTWAVE. Her newest album, Crooked, was released as a book. She’s the author of Rat Girl (Penguin, USA) and Paradoxical Undressing (Atlantic Books, UK). More at

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Jake Hill is a singer/songwriter from Plymouth, Massachusetts, from across the country, and from down the street. He has miles on his voice, blisters on his fingers, and stories to tell. He has released a number of albums, including Motel by the Side of the RoadNew Men Old BoysAny Kinda Work TodayIn the Mountain’s ShadowHeave To and Black Coffee Sessions. You can find him here and here.

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Jolie Holland is an American musician and songwriter. Formerly a member of The Be Good Tanyas, her recent albums include Catalpa, Escondida, Springtime Can Kill You, the Living and the Dead, and, most recently, Pint of Blood. You can find her here and here.

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Poets & Peasants are a nine-piece band, comprised of Knox College students. Based in Galesburg, Illinois, their sound incorporates a wide range of instruments including upright bass, banjo, and violin. Their EP, All Towards Which We Grow will soon be followed by their first full-length album, due out from International Sock Monkey in the summer of 2013. You can find them here and here.

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Ryan Scott Oliver is a 2009 Jonathan Larson Grant recipient and wrote the music and lyrics for Mrs. Sharp, the song cycle Out of My Head, Quit India, and the music for Angus Oblong’s The Debbies. A collection of his work, Rated RSO, has been seen across the country. He is a 2007 Dramatists Guild Fellow and the recipient of numerous awards including the first-ever ASCAP Foundation Harold Adamson Award for Excellence in Lyric Writing, the Margo Lion Award for Excellence in Adaptation (Mrs. Sharp), the Looking Glass Theatre Favorite Production Award (Out of My Head) and the John Denver New Composers Award. He is currently developing 35mm, a multimedia musical exhibition based on photographs by Matthew Murphy. More at

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Spirit Family Reunion is a band from Brooklyn, New York that includes Nick Panken, Maggie Carson, Mat “Twain” Davidson, Ken Woodward, Peter Pezzimenti and Stephen Weinheimer. For the month of January (2012) they are in residence at The Living Room. You can find them here and here.

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