UFR Presents: Stranger Will Book Tour: “Anatomy of a Live Book Reading” by Caleb J Ross

This is a gust post by Caleb J Ross as part of his Stranger Will Tour for Strange blog tour. His goal is to post at a different blog every few days beginning with the release of his novel Stranger Will in March 2011 to the release of his second novel, I Didn’t Mean to […]

“Darkest Africa” by Thomas Kearnes

This is a godless moment, he tells me and kisses my cheek. He’s always saying things like that. We’re naked in my bath, immersed in the water. There’s a beige ring of scum around the tub. I always forget to clean. He’s kind enough to say nothing, or preoccupied enough not to notice. We pulled […]

“Three About Bowling” by Hobie Anthony

Lane 13 The rented ball rested heavy in Hank’s hands. It was the fifth frame and the little bastard was killing him. He loved bowling when he was the kid’s age, but all the shrimp wanted to do was play a video game and slurp sodas. The kid didn’t even care that he was winning. […]

“The Other Guest” by Matt Marinovich

The environmental conference had been cancelled due to bad weather, but two guests had arrived nonetheless. On Saturday morning they dine at opposite ends of a bright dining room, attended by separate waiters. Nina has ordered the Continental breakfast and divides her attention between three things: The snow covered mountains visible through the plate glass […]