“Meeting Poets” by Daniel Shapiro

“Meeting Poets” (Unreleased Brian DePalma Thriller, ca. 1977) Split screened, we see through both pairs of eyes simultaneously. Previous scenes revealed that the man (Christopher Walken) laughs in his poems but not in real life, while the Nancy Allen character is the opposite. While sauntering like only he can, Walken looks into the pale face […]

“Music 101” by Erik Doughty

She makes the notes squeal, dark and giddy like her laugh. He strums, tinkers with his amp to match her sound, but it’s beyond treble and bass. “I feel nothing,” she says. “How should it feel?” She wraps her arms around him and digs nails into the back of his neck; their guitars crash between […]

“Saying It with Flowers” by Barry Basden

You ride up the Metro escalator and pause at the cavernous exit. By the crippled man in a Redskins cap, selling flowers as he does every night, from a cardboard box filled with tiny bouquets. Tonight seems especially bright, auras around the street lamps and headlights. You stand in the noise and exhaust fumes, swaying […]