Review: Betty Superman

The Reviewed: Betty Superman by Tiff Holland The Reviewer: Chris Vola *** Some familial bonds can be impossible to sever, regardless of how inextricably fraught with the rust of pain and discontent the individual links may seem. The 10 connected stories in Tiff Holland’s Betty Superman painstakingly examine the tumultuous, occasionally hilarious and wrenchingly memorable […]

“Slow Fire” by Egan Millard

July was a rabid, wide-eyed creature, so much black fur and hot, wet breath. You could sense it lurking around your house long into a sleepless night, perhaps even hear the faint tapping of claws on pavement as it skulked across your driveway. August was a widow across the street. You never met her, but […]

“Oh Well” by Sally Molini

_______________________, that lovely thing of nature, is never coming back. A cup for tears: Is there a question? (There are only so many Lazarus taxons.) So this is how it is: recycled prophetic mood a few asides flat-line fade. More poetry at Used Furniture.

Four Poems by Brad Green

Torturing Butterflies Am I the only one that’s tortured butterflies? Surely others have snapped hard fists at the flutter and crushed that humming color in palms, or caught them in a net’s billowy slumber, sweeping paths over a shaken branch. It’s like you’ve captured light or hope, some fleeting thing so rare it’s worth the […]

“St. Agata” by Michelle Reale

I walked the narrow streets, occasionally tripping over the lace of my shoe. His jacket was shiny with wear, fit tight over his jeans. His delivery was practiced, pristine. We gathered around him, the tourists, all bright white sneakers, safari hats, tethered to our cameras where we recorded everything we were afraid to experience. Some […]