Camille Griep’s Our House: Give Me Back My Dress

This is the latest in Camille Griep’s Our House. To go to the column page, please click here. “Find me, save me, give me back my dress. How dare you write me when you cannot confess” —Venus Hum “Give Me Back My Dress” When Venus Hum released “Give Me Back My Dress,” in 2008, it […]

“I, Lucretia” by Natalie van Hoose

Ecuador, my old friend. You have not changed. From the plane, I see Quito coming, a great spill of a city filling the valley and creeping up the mountainsides. It has been twenty years since I was here, a girl of thirteen, so scared I was trembling in the terminal. “Lucretia!” My Tia Flor, strong […]

Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Duet: Robert Vaughan and Meg Tuite

This is the latest in Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Duet. To go to the column page, please click here. “The Lost and Erasable Parts of Us” by Robert Vaughan I moved into a basement apartment. The first thing to go was my sense of smell. Whether by cognitive choice or simply chance, everything smelled like Cheetos. […]

Two poems by Mark Waclawiak

Paintings of a Dead Lover 1. Anna in Manhattan, playing the flute in a melting room. Rats push to the front, to the subway door, caught under the air they suffocate during the C flat. 2. Anna in Vermont, naked on the sheepskin, next to an iron stove. Firemen wait outside for a chance to […]

Review: So You Know It’s Me

The Reviewed: So You Know It’s Me by Brian Oliu The Reviewer: Judy Clement Wall *** Ten reasons why I loved Brian Oliu’s So You Know It’s Me:  1. I ordered it from Tiny Hardcore Press, and it’s so tiny, it fits in the pocket of my skinniest jeans. That’s not a requirement for a book, of course, but it is cool. 2. […]

Sara Lippmann’s Read it Loud: “Tell Me a Mitzi”

This is the latest in Sara Lippmann’s Read it Loud: Notes From Storytime. To go to the column page, please click here. A friend tells me she’s taking a writing class with Lore Segal.  How is it? I ask. We are sitting around my kitchen table. There is tea, etc. As you might imagine, she […]

“The Difficulties of Raising a Modern American Baby” by Cari Gornik

Your baby’s getting ugly, they told me, but don’t worry it’s probably a phase. It’s the unibrow, said Marcy. When he’s older you can get rid of it. They have lasers, wax, tweezers. You can shave it off while he’s little. And he’ll grow into that head, said Jacob. Just hope it’s before he starts […]

“The Horsey Club of the Third Grade” by Annie Hartnett

My mother promised that someday we’d gather up all the unwanted horses in the world, and we’d build a home for them. Each horse would have a bronze nameplate on their own stall, each horse would have its own name again. “How many unwanted horses can there be?” I asked. Every girl in Ms. Cleveland’s […]

Four poems by Erin Miller

A Series of Images at Night a small moon-rabbit stands on its toes, leaps to avoid a car a barely-human figure made of bone and tissue ignites and bursts into poppies the clitoris, a leaf, becomes a light bulb under someone’s tongue everything’s gone wild; the fog looks more and more like a person * […]