Two Poems by JP Reese


Night’s body submits
to daybreak’s caress.
The sun slides over
the shoulders of the hills.
Light enters the valley
and travels in waves,
warming the skin of the river.
Surrender to the senses,
savor the taste, the touch.
I am the valley, the hills,
the night. You are the heat,
the light of a rising sun.



Here, the silence in the wide hall complicates your nights.
You wake, search rooms for sounds of need.
Here, now, the absence of the shush of rubber wheels on tile,
the metal chair cradling the birdlike body, her ethereal eyes.
Here, the empty bed, its metal rail, its buttons, a bell.
perfume gone bronze in its bottle, her hairbrush, her paintings.
Here, the unspeakable lightness of grief.

More poetry at Used Furniture.


  1. Lyrical and luminous, these two by J.P. Reese

  2. ‘Release’ blows me away. Great work.

  3. Damn. Both of these poems stole my breath. The language is marvelous, the images precisely rendered. I read them each out loud – twice.

    Thanks for these, JP.

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