Three Poems by Parker Tettleton

This Is Just How Was Is

You are walking. You & things like others are. Like we. Like us. Then we stops to admire a mannequin in the window of a condemned building. We asks why, why are we here & this & is there ever enough toast? Us unties laces, lays down before the concrete motions to split.


Seeing Leaves

For the last time, I’m sure. It’s bright. I’m not shaved, drunk awake. Where are you because you’re here? Where? Here.



I went grocery shopping. I didn’t know what else to do. I think I was the only still drunk person there. Does it matter? As much as anything does. Sing to me once more my love comes through my speakers. You’re not here & I don’t want to stay.

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  1. Wally Ballew says:

    The three poems by Parker Tettleton obviously took a lot of time to write and probably went to many revisions. He seems to be writing more and more Polish haiku, a form that has severe requirements,


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