“Select Items from Personal Estate Liquidation, Post-Breakup, Sept. ’06” by Leanne Hope Milway

after Leanne Shapton


A set of gray eye balls, vessels dilated and red-rimmed.
Severely near-sighted. Has observed too many
French films alone in the dark.

3. and 4.

Right and left middle fingers with red nail polish,
chipped and chewed. Dry cuticles.


Caucasian female vagina of average size and length,
some wear and tear. Dimensions vary
depending on usage.


Extremely pungent morning breath after unending nights
of cheap vodka tonics. Water? Who needs water.


Base of throat, the slightly concave site of countless kisses.
Now covered in unidentifiable rash.

41. to 53.

Wide range of lovers’ nicknames captured
in a fading aural memory. Sounds include:
Baby, Babycakes, Moopsie, Sweetie,
Sweetiepie, Schmuhgus, Schmuggs.


One future. Red-brick house and Outback station wagon.
Co-dog-poop scooping. Shades pulled.
Strong, brunette children.
Hand-holding on street corners.

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  1. Makes me want to be single again.

  2. I always should listen to folks when they say I need to drink more water. But the vodka tonics are in the drivers seat.

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