“Praying for the Soul” by Nathaniel Tower

He didn’t know how to pray for someone that was dead. They all had told him to pray. But what was the point? Hadn’t God already decided what would happen to him? Besides, there was no him left to pray for. There was just a body. The him was long gone, and God had already […]

“The Draining of the Sea – September 26, 1995” by Cassie McDaniel

I. In Longwood, Florida at the end of a cul-de-sac in our four-roomed house Greybeard spoke slowly through his false teeth, like an invalid (not all there), but he stood in the kitchen with tin cans, he joked and he cooked in the Crock Pot – Mom loved him; we laughed, his Navy words coarse, […]

Two Poems by Kate Fujimoto

I Lied to My Parents When They Asked How I Lost My Car Keys I couldn’t say I had been in the graveyard with a boy who dropped out of my high school – that we walked between the headstones and woke ghosts, let them climb up from the ground onto our shoulders, rustling like […]

“tell all the truth” by Annette C. Boehm

it was never about birds and bees but bees and flowers (for you) boys were tea kettle spouts when you found the kitten in the oil stained garage, strangled with a hose there was no “click” just salt, running chin to floor you walked away, asked me for braids, hoped mom and dad would notice […]

Katie Eisenberg’s Famous Battle Cries: “No, God Bless You”

This is the latest in Katie Eisenberg’s Famous Battle Cries of Medieval Germany (And Other Stuff I’m Not Qualified to Talk About). To go to the column page, please click here. When I was a kid, or just more of a kid than I am now (or maybe less, depending on how you look at […]

“Untitled” by Maya Chavez Akin

Maya Chavez Akin is a native of Austin, Texas currently teaching English in Seoul, South Korea. She spends her time writing, taking photographs and exploring this great big city. Her photographs are available on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/papaya_/.

“Walking Through Skeleton Trees” by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

“French Market, New Orleans” by Michael Cotrone

Michael Cotrone is from Plymouth, MA. He’s currently studying graphic design and marketing at Stonehill College.

“Red Clay” by Peter LaBerge

Peter LaBerge is a sixteen year old high school student. Both his writing and his photography can be found online and in print. In addition, he is the editor of The Adroit Journal. When he is not writing or dealing with writing, he pursues music and theater.

“Reaching for the Sky” by Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a regular human living in Boston – one that loves his camera and what it does for his life. Flickr and Tumblr are where he puts the results of his perspective and its relationship with his camera.