“Sugar Shack” by Christopher Woods

“Devotional: Via Cruci, Dolorosa, Sancti: A Lyric Essay” by Jamie Iredell

I. Jesus stands shoulders and wrists rope-bound beside a scroll-wielding Pilate, appearing expressionless, haloed. No filth dirties up the building, no sense of age in the architecture. No raw sewage strews a gutter. Everything then was new, a world so young even the distant mountains sit wrinkleless. Roman soldiers jeer in the background. Said background […]

Two Poems by Shea Newton

The traveling song is difficult to whistle. There are a lot of minor keys. I heard it near the ocean. Or a river or a puddle. On an island. On sand and rocks. Under locust trees. It came from behind me. It was a woman. With wet heat breath that clung like dirt on sweat. […]

“Wait, Weight, Wait!” by Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Quartet

This is the latest in Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Quartet. To go to the column page, please click here. Breakfast Leslie could hardly eat her croissant this morning. For the past six months she’d been scarfing down anything that came within the vicinity of her mouth like a whale. Ice cream, cookies, pizza, popcorn. She barely […]

“Nights on Arnold Drive, 1986” by Corey Sabourin

There was always cigarette smoke. Always a conversation in a hallway and shrieking laughter in the kitchen. The beer was running low and a candle had been left dangerously burning in a bedroom. A door slammed. A phone call would send off a carload and those left emptied the ashtrays, heated up a can of […]

Alabama Card Table: Arts and Literature from the Deep South: Episode 1.1 w/ Brian Oliu

This is the latest in Greg Houser’s Alabama Card Table: Arts and Literature from the Deep South. To go to the column page, please click here. A discussion with Brian Oliu on Thanksgiving day after a flag football game. We talk about flag football, his writing, track jackets, Mystikal, and Barbie. Brian also reads a […]

Three Poems by Joshua Young

from When the Wolves Quit: A Play-in-Verse SPOTLIGHT CENTER STAGE- SUNDAY, 8:00 AM this town is built on the vanishings. it’s part of everyone’s story. there’s a list for each name— it’s tacked to the wall under the clock in the sheriff’s office. the preacher disappears. no one notices till the church service sunday, when […]

“Instructions for Disposal of Dangerous Materials” by Gerri Brightwell

To wrap a body takes thirty-five minutes and a blue tarp (large and without holes or tears), duct tape (most of a roll to do the job properly), plastic sheeting (if you have it) or, in a pinch, newspaper to lay in the car trunk to catch fluids that might leak out, and rope—don’t forget […]

“You’re the One, Baby” by Jacqueline Doyle

Shelley catches herself humming “Some Day My Prince Will Come” as she’s washing the dishes, and snorts, thinking about jiveass fairy tales. Not just Disney, and those Golden Books from Lucky’s she read when she was a kid. Hollywood movies too. “An Officer and a Gentleman” when Richard Gere sweeps Debra Winger off her feet and carries her […]