“Two Dreams with Silence” by Hannah Rodabaugh

[A] “around the body” 

[						                  “Because I thought”
						]	          “I would always know you in dreams”
You are sitting across from me in a classroom.
[					                        ]—to rememorize your face. But
You do not look [      ].  [ 		        ]
I am stuck 
Out the window 	         but where there is nothing
 But light [            			.				] the foothills creased with 
imaginary ligaments. [		     ] &  layers, [ 		  ].  [		        ] a frock coat,
shedding its skin. [	            ] matted, a burnt star. I wanted to take you there—[for you to see]
the way green vibrates when clustered [		         ] “is important.” But you never look [
	     ].  	     & behind me the earth [ 		       ].   “convulses”
                             & behind me the earth [ 		       ].   “is sad”
                             & behind me the earth [ 		       ].   “too green for you”

[	  ] where the dream splits like water curving in a glass—your presence splits [	    ].

[B] “the death of the voice”

[I comb]                             [the window] [and yell in] 
 	        	[so much]—[folded]        [around],                     [protective].                   [a stair]
                        [to reach]— [space],        [a far off landscape], 
                        [Face is [a] blankness &]		          “where confusion is in harmony.”
                        [the subtle webbing of the glass.]
 	                [a dream]    [apologizing for]      [behavior].       [You do]. 
[You do not] 	[read].
 	      	        [That you will read].         [I have slipped]          [through the crack] [to you.]  
“I love you” 
        		[It says.] “is this what is?
[I just want you to speak]	  	          “is this what is confusion?”	   
[my advances]                    [stare and stare] [in the classroom.] [Maybe you will let me] 
“maybe you will let me” [beyond the window—][to]                    [the greenness of the light].
“beyond the window to”                                                              [the mountains like a throat.]

   [You]                [loved greenness] 
   “You”               “loved greenness”

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