Talking with Furniture: Matt Bell

Matt Bell is the author of How They Were Found, a collection of fiction from Keyhole Press. His fiction has appeared recently in Conjunctions, Unsaid, and Ninth Letter, and has been anthologized in Best American Mystery Stories 2010 and Best American Fantasy 2. He is also the editor of The Collagist and can be found online at *** UF Review: Your […]

Katie Eisenberg’s Famous Battle Cries: “‘I Haven’t Taken Leave of My Senses; I’ve Come to Them'”

This morning, I slapped my coffeemaker upside the head. Don’t give me that look. It was being difficult. And I wasn’t in a childish enough mood to pretend that it was a dragon (as I’ll often do when it starts steaming and sputtering, even though we both know that it’s just for show, that it’s […]

“Corrective” by Julie Innis

It’s a boyfriend who first points it out. Her nipples have grown wall-eyed, staring off in opposite directions. Distracting, he says, looking away. I hadn’t noticed, she says, but after that it is all she notices. She keeps a shirt on and the lights out, but still, it bothers her, this problem. She is only […]

Talking with Furniture: Luis Alberto Urrea

Luis Alberto Urrea is the author of 13 books, all of them critically acclaimed. The Devil’s Highway, his 2004 nonfiction account of a group of Mexican immigrants lost in the Arizona desert, won the Lannan Literary Award and was a finalist for the Pulitzer and the Pacific Rim Kiriyama Prizes. He also won a 1999 American […]

“My Infamous Apple Pancakes” by William Doreski

Stone-faced at dawn, you describe cancer shambling through your body like a filthy old man toting a pornographic book to bed. Rather than contest your simile, I open the sliding breezeway door, inhale the blue-gray cold and try to admire silhouetted pines waving as if underwater. I also feel underwater. Tart flavor of wood smoke […]

“Dear Everyone” by Gregory Wolos

The night her affair with the superintendent began, Marilyn had anticipated a brutal meeting. There’d been four student suicides in three months, all by hanging. Would she be asked why she hadn’t attended the funerals? It was her understanding that funerals were for family and friends; teachers and building principals would officially represent the district, […]

“Self-Portrait as Lancelot” by Elaine Castillo

While her father is deep in his suicide, the Lady begins to write a poem about Lancelot. But only as he appears in the romances of Chrétien de Troyes. The challenge is that she has not read Le Chevalier de la Charrette for years, and must construct her poem from memory, or lie. In the […]

“Reflections on the Writing Process, Highlights” by Ricky Garni

JOYCE CAROL OATES Precise Embodiments. Running Fluid River. Flowing. Errors. The Typewriter. Shine Little Glow Worm. Glimmer. PHILIP LEVINE Thirty five years ago I sat in a small room with Robert Lowell THOMAS PYNCHON Grippe Espagnole Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat Post-World War I spiritual malaise The flu or something GERTRUDE STEIN Indirectness ruins every self-conscious […]

Six Bodies by Mike Meginnis

Bodies #19, 20, 21  These bodies have been standing in the bathroom. They occupy three of four urinals. Two clustered on the left, careful not to touch. One alone, on the right, pissing on the wall. An empty urinal between them. Half-cigarette on the cake. The two bodies on the left lean against the wall […]

Talking with Furniture: Ben Greenman

Ben Greenman is the author of Celebrity Chekhov, which has been called “nothing short of brilliant” by Daily Candy. Greenman is an editor at the New Yorker and the author of several acclaimed books of fiction, including Superbad, Superworse, and A Circle is a Balloon and Compass Both: Stories About Human Love. His fiction, essays, and […]