“I Said I Was Not Interested” by Clifford Garstang

I said I was not interested.
She removed her blouse and skirt, and danced for me

until I changed my mind.
And even then, it was my penis that gave

the orders. It was my flesh
that moved my hands to her breasts.

It was not me.
I said I was not interested,

and then she touched my skin,
she boiled my blood,

she caused my knees to bend and
fold upon themselves

Until I lay beside her.
she combed her fingers through

my guts, she filled my stomach with
her tongue, and still I was not

interested in what she had to offer.
It was another girl like her,

upon a time I yet recall
who tried the same, who snaked

her way inside my heart and moved
my feet in her direction,

but still with all her wiles could not
keep my eyes from wandering

and finding pleasure in another’s arms.
It was not me.

I said I was not interested.

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  1. great poem

  2. Bryan Edmondson says:

    This is very unique. I liked “she made my blood boil”

  3. The sense of regret and resignation in this touched me. It could have been a simple poem about lust, but this is much more than that. Phenomenal.

  4. “her way inside my heart and moved
    my feet in her direction” – loved this.


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