“Nines” by Nick Ripatrazone

The Chatham Park High School fieldhouse pipes burst. Rust-clumped water peeled down the hill and painted the grass copper. The janitor cut the line to the water station used for practice. He said if one pipe went the entire system was contaminated. He interlocked his fingers and explained that all pipes were connected, an incredibly […]

Four poems by Elena Tomorowitz

Dare December People dressed in dark cover the streets,             cross back and forth their bodies pinched in the crevices they’ve made. They wear black in winter             not because the fabric’s warmer             but because their legs are filled with sludge and in their wake an assortment of caramels            covered in chocolate                         […]

“Raise Your Hand” by Jamie Grefe

I don’t remember such red hair or the way you stuck out your belly for the taxi. It was raining tar and the bus, too full to enter, stuffed of city stink. But this tremble is a fist in my mouth, a palpitation of being lonely. Hear it echo in stutters and fits. When she […]

Love Dumb: KISS (1974): “Strutter” (In which Paul Stanley Begins the Long Journey of Confusing the World as to His Sexuality) by Ryan Werner

Love Dumb is a series in which Ryan Werner describes the music catalogue of the band KISS. This installment considers Strutter, the third single off of the band’s eponymous debut album.   ***  “Strutter” makes considerably less sense than the song it started out as, a little Gene Simmons 60’s psych-rock ditty called “Stanley the Parrot.” This is significant, […]

Margaret LaFleur’s Travel By: In Transit

This is the latest in Margaret LaFleur’s Travel By. To go to the column page, please click here. At some point in the afternoon on the day we leave San Francisco, traffic grinds to a halt. We are in southern California on a two lane highway, driving towards Nevada and then Arizona, taking the long […]

“The Ultimate American Beauty” by Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Quartet

This is the latest in Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Quartet. To go to the column page, please click here. Andrea shifted her American-Beauty sample case from her right shoulder to her left, which did not ache yet, and clicked the key fob to lock the company sedan.  Painted a soft yellow to offset the huge decals […]

Time-Consuming, Complicated Cooking!: Like Brown on Rice

This is the latest in Corey Sabourin’s Time Consuming, Complicated Cooking! To go to the column page, please click here. (Yes, this is your dinner. Meet titoté.) On a recent trip to Colombia, I noticed something curious. As I traveled from north to south, the color of the rice with my meals changed dramatically. In Bogotá, situated […]

“No Habla” by Shannon Barber

My Mother stole the Spanish from my lips before I could speak. My Grandmother feeds me tiny morsels of Spanish. I’m sitting in a classroom with a bunch of other adults trying to learn how to speak Spanish. I’m silent and embarrassed, working at a snails pace. I’m embarrassed because Spanish is supposed to be […]

Four poems by Emma Aylor

Lucking            after M. A. Vizsolyi when I go to the small places of your lucking legs I am porous am freckles like brown sugar starred am the truthful moons of your almond fingertips when holding and in your bed we are tangling piles of lentils cool in the cupboard this […]

Colin Dickey’s The Canny Valley: The Self-Help Avant-Garde

This is the latest in Colin Dickey’s The Canny Valley. To go to the column page, please click here. Somewhere in the distant future, in the derelict remnant of a liberal arts college named the Martha Graham Academy, a feckless student named Jimmy turns out an academic dissertation on the self-help books of the twentieth century. […]