Camille Griep’s Our House: Superhuman

This is the latest in Camille Griep’s Our House. To go to the column page, please click here. “How glad I am to be superhuman.” — Gus Gus, “Superhuman” In 1999, Icelandic electronica collective released and album called “This is Normal.” I found them via an online music service and even though they’re what might […]

Six poems by Amanda Jane McConnon

Holy Pieces In ancient Byzantium, crowds waited for someone to be sainted before unearthing the holy bodies and divvying up the pieces. They rushed to receive what was recognizable, like ears and limbs. The stragglers were left to masses of flesh and tissue but held it close, as if by holding onto some part of […]

Three poems by Sebastian Paramo

The Long Weekend She’s the long weekend. The period left on sheets. In the evening of her absence, she is toothpaste, floss, scraps of petals in the tub or the all-night hours diner dishing out cups of espresso. Never satisfied with Miso soup or Singapore noodles, she’ll prefer the evening to be served with paninis, […]

“Happy Holidays” by Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Quartet

This is the latest in Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Quartet. To go to the column page, please click here. There wasn’t a question of going or not going. Sally was committed to her career. The social end of it, no matter how heinous, was just a part of the job. Anyone in advertising knew the deal. […]

Review: Pretty Tilt

The Reviewed: Pretty Tilt by Carrie Murphy The Reviewer: Joellyn Powers ***  Carrie Murphy’s first full-length poetry collection, Pretty Tilt, is everything I have always wanted poetry to be but have had difficulty finding. I kind of just don’t like poetry; that’s nothing against poets or the work that they do, I’ve just never been able to […]

“In the House of Flying Words” by Juan Carlos Reyes

Sitting on the bed’s edge, you know they’re coming. Watching the swinging cradle, the air and wind couldn’t have been clearer. The words are looming, every last word perched just over the bend, ready to insist and shred and tear open swaddling blankets and lips and sheets until only the mattress remains, your baby’s bones […]

“What Causes the Northern Lights?” By Richard Hackler

There were the Meskwaki Indians of southern Ontario who, when they saw the lights, imagined the spirits of their slain enemies flickering across the sky, furious in their ethereal impotence, aching for revenge. Or the Greenland Inuits who looked up at night—the boundless quiet of their winterlong night—and saw the dancing ghosts of stillborn children, […]

“Counting-Book for Matthew” by Katy Gunn

recovered from a cave 1. I went walking for days to see all the houses and their things in their places: pots on porch steps and knockers on doors. On a blue house’s wraparound patio, eleven small desks and desk chairs in a row. A sign hung above them said Spaces for Pupils. I learned […]

I’m Trying To Figure This Whole World Out: A Conversation With Katie Eisenberg

A recent graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts (BFA, Drama), Katie Eisenberg is an actor, writer, and visual artist based in Los Angeles, California. Katie is the creator of the ongoing writing-turned-multimedia project Here Is A Man, and her work has previously been published by Scholastic Press. She moonlights as realtor John Swarthreppe, […]

Camille Griep’s Our House: Believers

This is the latest in Camille Griep’s Our House. To go to the column page, please click here. “Look to the believers: they sleep beneath the stars. Oh, how can I join them, when I have come this far?” — Smith and Mighty, “Believers” *** My first memory of insomnia is an early one. It […]