“Counting-Book for Matthew” by Katy Gunn

recovered from a cave 1. I went walking for days to see all the houses and their things in their places: pots on porch steps and knockers on doors. On a blue house’s wraparound patio, eleven small desks and desk chairs in a row. A sign hung above them said Spaces for Pupils. I learned […]

I’m Trying To Figure This Whole World Out: A Conversation With Katie Eisenberg

A recent graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts (BFA, Drama), Katie Eisenberg is an actor, writer, and visual artist based in Los Angeles, California. Katie is the creator of the ongoing writing-turned-multimedia project Here Is A Man, and her work has previously been published by Scholastic Press. She moonlights as realtor John Swarthreppe, […]

Camille Griep’s Our House: Believers

This is the latest in Camille Griep’s Our House. To go to the column page, please click here. “Look to the believers: they sleep beneath the stars. Oh, how can I join them, when I have come this far?” — Smith and Mighty, “Believers” *** My first memory of insomnia is an early one. It […]

Sara Lippmann’s Read it Loud: “The Bare Essentials: In the Night Kitchen”

This is the latest in Sara Lippmann’s Read it Loud: Notes From Storytime. To go to the column page, please click here. Mickey’s penis was my first. I was four, maybe five. The book, Maurice Sendak’s In the Night Kitchen, must have been a gift, as I can’t imagine my parents having paid money for […]

Colony Collapse poems by Erin Lyndal Martin

Colony Collapse:  But There are Ordinary Deaths Too You can tell me the bees are dying.  It is an epidemic. You unfold a map from somewhere. There are pictures of mites and watercolor washes to simulate climate change.  Surely some of these were just nature. Sift through.  Find me the ones that are different. The […]

Reflections from Illinois: The Fear

“I understand that fear is my friend, but not always. Never turn your back on Fear. It should always be in front of you, like a thing that might have to be killed.” – Hunter S. Thompson, “Kingdom of Fear” I. I believe in math, in the primacy of data.  I believed the polls in […]

Reflections from Virginia: Signifying A Hospital

The morning after the election, I walked three blocks to my nearest federal government institution, which, luckily for me, is run by the National Park Service—the Chimborazo Medical Museum, a unit of Richmond National Battlefield Park. The hospital at Chimborazo was the largest of the Confederacy’s medical facilities, and over the course of the war, […]

“The After-Life of a Defeated Politician” by Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Quartet

This is the latest in Meg Tuite’s Exquisite Quartet. To go to the column page, please click here. Three more boxes arrived Monday morning. Simone knocked on Cliff’s door and came in. Cliff signed for the purchases and smiled at her hoping she might stay. They’d had manic sex the night she’d arrived, but that […]

Reflections from Ohio: Battle Scarred

I know last week’s election was about more than who is going to be president. Local races, school levies, marriage, legalization, the house and senate, yes.  But here in Ohio, it felt very much like just one race. The race. The Big One. I’m not sure anyone who doesn’t live in a battleground state can […]

Reflections from Alabama: The Demagogue and the Substitute

I told myself I wouldn’t do this. I was going to ignore the slowly rolling in election results — the incremental light up of the U.S. map into red or blue, like some sort of distorted Christmas tree, with Maine as the tiny tippy-top. There were a million things I could have been doing instead […]